Our Investment in Join

Published : March 20, 2020

We are thrilled to share Building Ventures’ investment in Join, the leading provider of Converged Network as a Service (CNaaS) for Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces.

Our Investment in enVerid

Published : March 2, 2020

Read about our investment in enVerid, the creator of an award-winning molecular air cleaning system that improves both building efficiency and Indoor Air Quality.

Our (Continued) Investment in Dandelion

Published : February 18, 2020

We are excited to share our participation in Dandelion Energy's Series A1. Dandelion’s simple vision “Earth-powered heating for every home” is deeply aligned with our own mission, and we are thrilled to continue collaborating with the team!

Building Ventures Fall Newsletter

Get the latest updates on the Portfolio, and read about what the BV Team has been up to all fall.

Published : December 6, 2019

If one word summed up the fall for Building Ventures it would have to be: Autonomy. It was the theme of our Building Ventures Innovators Summit as well as the driving force behind the newest additions to the portfolio. Read on for more details on how this has unfolded in the past few months.

Our Investment in Built Robotics

Published : September 23, 2019

We are excited to announce our Series B investment in Built Robotics, the leading developer of AI guidance systems transforming heavy equipment into autonomous robots.

Our Investment in 75F

Published : September 5, 2019

We are excited to announce our Series A investment in 75F, an intelligent building automation company which helps make commercial buildings more energy efficient and occupants more comfortable.

Building Ventures Summer Newsletter

Get the latest updates on the Portfolio, and read about what the BV Team has been up to all summer.

Published : August 22, 2019

New investments, new co-investors, new connections and lots of meetings. As Jesse would say, the past few months have seen a lot of action. The team crisscrossed the country over the past several months meeting with dozens of entrepreneurs doing innovative things in all aspects of the built environment. Read on for more details on all the action.

Our Investment in Join

Published : June 30, 2019

Preconstruction is ripe for transformation. CEO Andrew and Co-Founders Drew, Jim and Ye are just the team of insightful, determined and talented entrepreneurs you’d want tackling such a longstanding issue. We are proud to co-lead their Seed Round.

Building Ventures Spring Newsletter

All the latest news on Building Ventures and our Portfolio Companies.

Published : April 11, 2019

The hallmark of Q1 has been follow-on investment activity in several of our portfolio companies. At Building Ventures we pride ourselves on being “company building” partners, and it has been great to help the entrepreneurs we work with secure additional financing to continue to rapidly execute on their plans. It has been further confirmation of our own mission as we have seen a robust and diverse set of financial, industry, and strategic investors leaning into these companies that are helping to deliver “A Better Built World” along with us.

Our Founding Investment in Hypar

Building Ventures invests in Hypar, an early stage startup led by two of the industry’s leading voices advancing the potential of generative design.

Published : April 8, 2019

Building Ventures is pleased to announce our founding investment in Hypar, an early stage startup creating a generative design platform to accelerate the delivery of a better built environment.

Welcome, Heather!

Building Ventures adds Principal with deep startup and product experience

Published : March 21, 2019

Building Ventures is pleased to announce that Heather Widman has joined the firm as a Principal. Adding Heather to the team will help Building Ventures fulfill our mission to identify, mentor and help build some of the most impactful startups across the Construction and Real Estate technology landscape.

Building Ventures Announces Debut Fund

Building Ventures Closes $53 Million Built Environment Innovation Fund

Published : December 6, 2018

Building Ventures, founded by industry veterans Jesse Devitte and Travis Connors, is focused on investing in and mentoring built technology startups that will propel the built environment forward to create a better, more sustainable future. With offices in Boston and San Francisco, the new fund leverages the team’s 20 year history of operating and investing in early-stage companies across construction and real estate technologies including industry pioneers such as SketchUp, Vico Software, Newforma, and Honest Buildings. In the past few years, this emerging industry at the intersection of real estate, construction, and smart infrastructure technologies has seen a significant uptick in investment as the physical world becomes the next great programmable hardware platform.

Building Ventures October Newsletter

All the latest news with Building Ventures and our Portfolio Companies.

Published : October 25, 2018

Building Ventures offers the perfect mix of capital, mentorship and industry connections. As built environment pioneers, our mission is to provide access to funding, rich knowledge and decades of experience, to entrepreneurs, partners and disruptive thinkers. Together, we will build a better world.

Borealis Ventures launches new early-stage VC focused on a Better Built World

Building Ventures to be led by Built Environment Veteran Jesse Devitte and Travis Connors

Published : September 18, 2018

Building Ventures, an early-stage investor committed to innovation in the built world, today announced its official launch. The new initiative is co-founded by the leaders of Borealis Ventures built environment investment team, Jesse Devitte and Travis Connors. Since Borealis’ founding, the team has been the most prolific early investor in the built world space with over 20 investments and 10 successful exits in its history. With offices in Boston and San Francisco, Building Ventures will focus on funding breakthrough companies that will propel the built environment forward to a better, more sustainable future.

Built Environment Newsletter

Published : June 2018

At this year’s 20th Anniversary Realcomm keynote address, CBRE CEO, Bob Sulentic, said the company made two transformational decisions three years ago: add digital leadership to the exec team, and make technology core to all aspects of the business. On the surface, these decisions seem like simple and obvious steps for any business - particularly one managing five billion sq ft of real estate with 80,000 employees - but what is remarkable is that they made this decision only three years ago. We are just at the beginning of the transformation of the built environment, which is why we are so excited by the potential opportunity for significant impact. CBRE is an industry leader and they are just beginning to embrace that potential.

Whitepaper - Constructuring: An Unstoppable Trend

Published : May 2018

When we pass by a construction site we see tradesmen swinging hammers, tying steel reinforcement bars, pouring concrete, erecting frames, installing dry wall, laying bricks, tiling and painting. Workers are subject to the elements of weather with the expectation of rain delays written into building contracts. There are dumpsters full of building waste waiting to get trucked away. Large construction projects require long lead time ordering and use off-site holding yards to store materials until they are needed on the jobsite.

Built Environment Newsletter

Published : April 2018

Borealis has been on the road over the past several weeks talking to industry influencers across the entire spectrum of the Built Environment. The enthusiasm for the digital transformation taking place in this space is palpable and building. From the attendees of the American Institute of Architect’s Large Firm Round Table to the real estate developers at ULI’s “shark tank” event, we are seeing firsthand the opportunity that this transformation is creating for designers, developers and operators of our most ubiquitous “hardware platform”. Meanwhile, we were thrilled to add Assemble Systems to our portfolio roster and are very excited for our new syndicate partners at Dandelion Energy and Measurabl. You can read about all that and more below. And as always, if you come across a remarkable company or individuals in our domain, please let us know.

Built Environment Newsletter

Published : January 2018

Welcome to a New Year in the Built Environment. While it has only been a few weeks, January has been a busy and exciting time for Borealis Ventures and we are happy to be able to share some of the developments in the portfolio and beyond. In this edition, Jesse sat down with BUILTR to share some thoughts on why now is such an urgent time for a Better Built Environment. In addition, we have interesting news from our portfolio companies, along with some insights into a few of the up and coming teams we are helping to mentor through DesignX and UrbanX. We are really excited about the prospects for this year and look forward to sharing more with you all as it unfolds. As always, if you come across a remarkable company or individuals in our domain, please let us know.

Built Environment Newsletter

Published : November 2017

‘Tis the season for gratitude and giving and we are truly grateful for the support and collaboration from all of you in our Built Environment Innovation Community. We are pleased to share with you recent news from our portfolio companies that are making an impact not only in a global sense but also in their own communities. We are still in the early days of the digital transformation of the Built Environment. The momentum is undeniable and we couldn’t be more excited about what we see coming in the new year. As always, if you come across a remarkable company in our domain please let us know and if we can be helpful to you at any time do not hesitate to reach out.

Built Environment Inaugural Newsletter

Published : October 2017

We are excited to update you on the progress of our new Built Environment Innovation Fund. In this update, we want you to be the first to hear about our investments and invite you to be part of the BEIF community. As we move ahead with the Fund, we will be sending out periodic updates on our progress and investments.



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